Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have registered and purchased a product you will receive a personal viewing link. Click the link to be taken straight to your tutorial. Watch it via YouTube on your Tablet, Computer or Smart TV. It couldn’t be easier. Watch it Again & Again – Pause & Rewind – Get all the instruction you need and download my supporting material to help you do the painting for yourself in your own time.

This is not a feature we currently offer. When you buy on line tutorials it is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is available to view on your computer, tablet or even your phone, meaning you can watch your tutorials and projects at any time. All tutorials and content provided remains the sole property of Dermot Cavanagh and is subject to copyright Dermot Cavanagh © 2020 – All Rights are Reserved.

The drawing and reference material downloads are supplied as a PDF file. The drawing sketch templet download is saved as 2 x printable A4 size PDF sheets. When joined together they make an overall working size of quarter imperial or (Approx 15 x 11 inches). Print it off in parts and and follow the instruction given in the on line tutorials as to positioning, joining and sellotaping the parts together. Once this has been done trim to the required size and either trace or draw freehand onto your watercolour paper and you are ready to start painting!

People worry about copyright issues. As far as Dermot Cavanagh is concerned, Dermot created his tutorials in order that you can learn from painting them. If you achieve pictures that you are happy with, then sign them as your own, frame them and exhibit them. Dermot will be delighted about this.

If you intend to sell them it is polite to give an acknowledgement to the original artist. Dermot personally suggest an acknowledgement noted on the back of the framed work; either “after Dermot Cavanagh” or ‘inspired by Dermot Cavanagh’ Good luck and I hope you sell lots. Happy Painting!

Yes all tutorials are sold individually.

Dermot’s on line tutorials and projects are perfect for you! We have projects suitable for all abilities, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level.

You don’t need to have exactly the same set of paints and brushes as I have.

After many years of experience and practice, I have concluded that the materials I now use and have listed as my recommended colours and materials are the best. But as, everyone may not have these materials so I have also suggested a few Similar Equivalents that you may already have. My advice would be use similar equivalents until done and then replace with my recommended materials.

For best results: My advice would be use similar equivalents until they are done and then replace with my recommended materials.


In my experience the best place to buy these materials on-line is from: or no one can touch either of them for price and normally delivery is very fast. But there are other good online suppliers. As far as I know you do not have to be a member of the SAA to buy and get discount.


My 12 Colours: Winsor & Newton Professional or Artists’ quality colours in 5ml tube format.

  1. WY = Winsor Yellow – Similar Equivalent: Any brand Cad Yellow pale. Lemon yellow, Bismuth Yellow, Transparent, Aureolin  
  2. RS = Raw Sienna – Similar Equivalent: Any brand of Raw Sienna, Yellow ochre, Gold Ochre.  
  3. LR = Light Red – Similar Equivalent: Venetian Red, Indian Red, Brown Madder.
  4. FU = French Ultramarine – Similar Equivalent: Ultramarine, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine green shade, Cobalt Blue hue.
  5. CB = Cerulean Blue – Similar Equivalent: Cerulean Blue hue, Manganese Blue or any brand of Cerulean Blue.
  6. WB = Winsor Blue (red shade) – Similar Equivalent: Winsor Blue (green shade), Prussian Blue, Intense Blue, Indanthrene Blue, Phthalo Blue.
  7. BS = Burnt Sienna – Similar Equivalent: Any Brand of Burnt Sienna.
  8. NT = Neutral Tint – Similar Equivalent: Any brand of Payne’s Grey or any blue black.  
  9. AC = Alizarin Crimson – Similar Equivalent: Any brand of Alizarin Crimson, Crimson. Permanent Carmine or Permanent Crimson.  
  10. CT = Cobalt Turquoise light – Similar Equivalent: Any brand of light turquoise.
  11. WR = Winsor Red – Similar Equivalent: Any brand of Cadmium Red, Cad Red deep.

12 WV = Winsor Violet (dioxazine) – Similar Equivalent:  Any brand of  Dioxazine Violet or Dioxazine Violet or Mauve.


My Brushe Set: For any painting up to ¼ imperial size painting (15”x11” inches)

  1. ¾” Brush = ¾”–19mm flat Wash Brush. W&N Sceptre Gold MK2 (with sable/synthetic hair mix). Similar Equivalent: Any Brand of 1”- 25mm or ¾”–19mm flat Wash Brush.
  2. No.8 Brush = No.8 Round Brush. W&N Sceptre Gold MK2 (with sable/synthetic hair mix). Similar Equivalent: Any Brand of No.8 Round Brush.
  3. No.5 Brush = No.5 Round Brush. W&N Artists’ Watercolour Brush. (with kolinsky sable hair). Similar Equivalent: Any Brand of No.5 or No. 6 Round Brush.
  4. No.2 Brush = No. 2 Rigger brush. W&N Artists’ Watercolour Brush. (with kolinsky sable hair). Similar Equivalent: Any Brand of No.1, No.2  or No.3,  Rigger Brush.

Paper used:

Quarter imperial sheet (15”x11”) Saunders Waterford 140lb/300gms Rough cotton rag paper.

Similar Equivalent:

Arches Aquarelle 140lb/300gms Rough.
Fabriano Artistico 140lb/300gms Rough.

To view Dermot’s online tutorials you only need to have access to and babble to view content on YouTube. There is absolutely no requirement to have any other social media accounts in order to follow Dermot’s online tutorials.

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