On-line Watercolour Demonstration – ‘The Bridge at Central Park New York’


‘The Bridge at Central Park New York’.

Learn to Paint with BBC TV Artist Dermot Cavanagh.
On-line Watercolour Demonstration.
Duration: 2Hrs 8Mins

Welcome to another of my online painting tutorial demonstrations for you to follow and learn from.
In this online tutorial, I’ll show you how to paint ‘The Bridge at Central Park New York’. I’ve now worked up a composition from sketches I made there some years ago. I will show you how to simply and quickly capture an impression of a very complicated background while keeping the foreground sharp. I am really looking forward to taking you step-by-step through this wonderful watercolour painting from the initial sketch to the finishing touches and passing on many more of my watercolour tips, tricks and techniques along the way.
I would be delighted if you could join me.

My online tutorials are very informative and are filmed in great detail. This is the most unique and innovative way to learn to paint today and can be accessed immediately worldwide from the comfort of your own home. Never miss a thing from the initial sketch to the finishing touches, follow every brushstroke.

When you make a booking, you’ll get your own Personal Viewing Code to watch the tutorial again & again using PLAY – PAUSE & REWIND. You can download supporting material relating to the course, i.e., Colour mixing instructions, A helpful sketching template and information on the materials needed etc. Paint along with me in your own time at your own pace. When you’re done upload your finished painting to the website and get my personal assessment and appraisal.

Watch my Tutorial/Demo via YouTube on your Tablet, Computer or Smart TV. It really couldn’t be easier.

Regards and Happy Painting.
Dermot Cavanagh