Dermot’s Practical Tutorials – 25 In-depth Tutorials


Learn from Dermot’s extensive video library of 25 plus in-depth practical tutorials.

Learn from Dermot’s extensive video library of more than 25 in-depth practical tutorials.

New tutorials being added regularly at no extra cost.

Explore and learn from Dermot’s extensive video library of practical techniques. Follow every brushstroke in this series of in-depth, step-by-step video tutorials which have been filmed in great detail. Learn how to – Sketch – Paint skies – Mix colours – Paint trees and foliage – Give texture to rocks and brickwork – Contrast light against dark – Paint buildings – Including windows and doors and lots more. These tutorials are for painters of all ages and levels of ability. (This video library has currently 25 tutorials with a total duration of 4 hours plus. I will be adding more practical tutorials to this library on an ongoing basis at no extra cost to you). This is the most unique and innovative way to learn to paint today, and can be accessed immediately worldwide from the comfort of your own home. People say, they have learnt more from my courses in a few sessions than from years attending other classes.

Composing a Painting.  Duration: 6 mins
Discover the secrets of composition, observation and artistic licence, as you learn how to compose the perfect painting.

Painting Mountains.  Duration: 11 mins
Learn a few simple techniques that will enable you to paint majestic mountains.

Mixing the Blues.  Duration: 10 mins
In this demonstration Dermot mixes a selection of different blues.

Painting Light Against Dark.  Duration: 13 mins
Learn how to create depth and impact in your paintings by using light and dark tones.

Painting Skies.   Duration: 12 mins
During this tutorial Dermot show you how to paint a diverse range of skies.

Painting Trees and Foliage.   Duration: 23 mins
During this tutorial Dermot demonstrates how to paint trees and foliage, branches, tree trunks and twigs.

Choosing Watercolour Paper.   Duration: 9 mins
During this tutorial let Dermot take the mystery out of choosing watercolour paper.

Understanding Watercolour Washes.   Duration: 14 mins
Learn how to mix and control your washes. Dermot guides you through a variety of wash technique.

Painting Windows.  Duration: 16 mins
Take the pain out of painting windows with a few simple techniques. Let Dermot demonstrate.

Cutting up to a Line.  Duration: 11 mins
How to block in an area and paint up to and along a line.

Brush Control Demo.  Duration: 27 mins
Dermot will demonstrate his six brushes to their maximum effect.

Reflecting Trees in a Pond.  Duration: 7 mins
Learn how to create realistic reflections using a few vertical and horizontal brush strokes.

Painting Basic Figures.  Duration: 12 mins
Dermot demonstrates how to put life in your Paintings with simple technique for painting figures.

Paint Stone Walls and Rocks.  Duration: 10 mins
Discover how to create texture and depth when painting rocks and stones.

Setting out Your Workspace.  Duration: 5 mins
Learn how to set up organize your working space for maximum comfort and best results.

Dermot’s Twelve Colours.  Duration: 10 mins
Dermot’s 12 Colour Demo. Let Dermot guide you through his palette of 12 colours.

Dermot’s Recommended Materials.  Duration: 16 mins
Get expert advice on choosing the materials needed to paint successful watercolours.

Mixing greens and a few other colours.  Duration: 9 mins
Let Dermot show you how to mix all the greens you’ll ever need from a limited palette of colours.

Mixing Browns.  Duration: 9 mins
Invaluable mixes for Fences, tree trunks, wooden buildings etc. Let Dermot show you a variety of browns from a limited palette.

Understanding Linear Perspective.  Duration: 6 mins
Let Dermot demonstrate the simplicity of liner perspective in a few straight forward steps.

Understanding Aerial Perspective.  Duration: 3 mins
How to portray a sense of distance and depth in your water colours. Let Dermot show you how.

Using Masking Fluid.  Duration: 12 mins
Dermot demonstrates art masking fluid to its best effect.